Allergy shots SQ or intramuscular?

  1. I can't remember. Thanks, Nurscee
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  3. by   grannynurse FNP student
    Quote from nurscee
    I can't remember. Thanks, Nurscee

  4. by   Adam D. RN2005
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    I can't remember. Thanks, Nurscee
    I recieve them on a monthly basis and it is always SQ. Damn dustmites. Why couldn't I have a respiratory response instead of the skin reaction. .

  5. by   QuilterLPN
    Wow I had this same question a few weeks ago. My hubby just started allergy shots (you should have seen his skin test - holy moly - he reacted to everything). So I explained that after the first few weeks I would be able to do his shots at home. The person doing the shots in the office had me mystified, she drew up the serum in a TB syringe, then gave the shot in the deltoid. So I asked her, "so is that supposed to be SQ or IM?" She had a blank look on her face, and just said - we just do it like that. And I said, "Hmmm, I never learned to give shots that way in school....".

    So thanks for the clarification. I've been having trouble with that. And then she told me to agitate the serum before injecting, and I started to roll it like you would roll NPH insulin, and she said no-no, that destroys the serum. And she said that to agitate it you need to withdraw the serum into the syringe and inject it back into the container a few times. It seems to me that that action would damage something, and that rolling would not. ANy thoughts?