after 2 years of graduating .. I'm now an RN!

  1. i graduated batch 2009 in the philippines.. and i passed my local board exam that same year , then went to california. i tried taking the nclex 3x! and dec.1 2011 when i received the news that i passed! i was soo happy... but scared at the same time because after 2 years of no experience who will hire me? i don't know where to start... am i still consider as newly grad because i still don't have experience??? what do i need to do?? i just finished my bls training awhile ago . what training should i do next? hmm.. help!
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  3. by   NottaSpringChik
    Congratulations new RN! The job market here (CO) is horrible for all nurses but particularly for new grads or non-hospital experienced. Don't know about where you are but what I do know about your situation is that you have a huge amount of tenacity and courage. You won't give up and you are willing to work hard. Don't sell yourself short; I believe you will get a nursing job and eventually you will progress to whatever job you desire.
  4. by   nixx7
    thanks calico5! i really do appreciate your encouraging words! God bless you