1. Hi. Does anyone have advice for a new nurse going into a Telemetry residency? I appreciate it in advance.
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  3. by   HouTx

    Get a copy of ALL of the documents that will be used to measure your progress during this program. This includes anything that lists goals you must accomplish & measures or criteria that will be used to rate your performance. Make sure you have a very clear understanding of everything. If there are no routinely scheduled "feedback" sessions, try to schedule them yourself. Throughout the program, you will need to know understand you are doing (meeting, not meeting, exceeding) performance criteria that have been established.

    The saddest thing that can happen is for you to find out - too late to do anything about it - that you are being "let go" because you did not meet all of the program requirements. Unfortunately, this still happens with a frequency that astonishes me as an educator. Adopting a pro-active stance (see above) and taking responsibility for your own success can help you ensure a positive outcome.
  4. by   phunnicutt
    Thank you for the advice. I will definitely do that as I progress. Thanks again!