~First week as a nurse~

  1. How was it like? Was it good, bad, ok..? All experiences are more than welcome!
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  3. by   stickit34
    My experience was really good. My hospital had a 12 week orientation, and the first week or so I only had two or three patients at a time. My first week off orientation with a full patient load was very stressful, I was running around like my head was cut off and my time management skills were only subpar. It also didn't help that my hospital didn't have a full time job for me so I was in a temporary position (even though they posted their highest income yet this year, go figure). Now, I am in my first week of my full-time position on evening shift on med-surg and I feel MUCH more confident. Not 100%, but getting there
  4. by   not.done.yet
    Well, my first week was spent in a classroom, as I was hired into an internship that came with extra education. My first week with a preceptor was wonderful. Lots of hands on teaching, lots of guidance on time management, what to pay attention to, how to prioritize. First week as a brand new nurse was pretty good. Obviously I was still learning and things flipped me out that no longer do now that I am an experienced nurse and have a greater well of knowledge to draw from. It was rough at the time but looking back, it wasn't that bad. I was just new, inexperienced and intimidated. I learned. You will too.

    Just remember to ask questions. You won't know everything and at times will feel as if you don't know much of anything at all. Pay attention to time management techniques of others, particularly learning now to delegate. Line your pockets every morning with the things you will need all day long - alcohol swabs, blunt tips, flushes, etc. You'll save yourself a lot of time and exhaustion not having to run back and forth looking for stuff.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Gaby_rmz77
    I sure will. Thank you.