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First Week of School, Overwhelmed


It's my first week of nursing school, and I feel so overwhelmed. I already broke down and cried because I feel like I'm not going to make it already. My school is a diploma program, I have class 5 days a week. I feel like they're starting in the middle, kind of like they expected us to come in with a pretty good amount of nursing knowledge already, they threw terms at us the first couple days that we didn't know and asked what's wrong with a patient and how to handle it. I though they would teach us about it first then ask us what's wrong and how to handle it, but that's not what happened at all and some of us can't help but feel lost and overwhelmed. I know so many of us in my group don't understand what's going on, some of them never worked in healthcare either so it's even harder for them. Is this normal? Will it change?

It definitely is normal and it will change , for me it was kind of funny because I watch medical dramas and before I went into nursing i really didnt know alot of what they said and as I learned throughout school and watched the show one day I was like wow I know exactly what they are talking about now ,and it hit me that I was actually learning these new terms and what things mean, it takes time but as long as you stay determined and study study study you will be just fine.


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Haha this is true for many of us I think! House was my go to show, and I tried to come up with my own differential and see how I did compared to House and his residents!

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Make sure you do all of your reading assignments before classes!!!