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I have or had(?) fear of flying. For many years. I have taken fear-of-flying course and "passed the excam. Until sept. 11 came and the fear of terror, war and disasters was comming as flashbacks.

This autumn I asked a friend of mine- who is cabin attendent 1, if we coud take a tour for some days to the very north in Norway, oh- sure- I was more than wellcome, with free tickets and everything. The captain let me sit in cockpit the whole time, explained everything, and asked me if Iwant to be toghether with them to Svalbard, near north poole.

So I did! - and guess how proud I was! I also managed to se a health care stand at the university in town, witch a friend of mind who is university lect. in medicin had created.

Now: I have been invited to join one shift of the rescue helicopter from the air force; Sea King. And YES I will do it: together with a flight nurse, md, pilots, rescu-man an more.

Anyone out there who can tell me a litle bit of what I can expect?

'are there anything specieal to focus on for me as a nurse and give me some tasks her for observation. Looking forward to week 6!

From Florry, . still pushing my way to learn.....:eek:

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WOW!! Great Job! Good for you. :balloons:

Maybe you could post some pictures?

kc ccurn

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That sounds AWESOME!!! GOOD LUCK

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