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First time traveler

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I'm looking to travel for my first time in a few months after working Immediate care for about 2 years and I was wondering if any one had any advice on picking an assignment. Things they wish they knew before traveling? Questions I should ask about the assignment or my hosing?

Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!

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Gary Mendoza specializes in Emergency Department.

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Find a recruiter you're comfortable with, a recruiter can make or break an assignment.

Insist on a guaranteed hours clause and get anything promised to you by the agency and the manager in the interview in writing, in the contract.

Insist on a clause that states you can't be canceled. I always have a clause that says they can only cancel me once every two weeks, but some travelers insist on a clause that says they are not allowed to be canceled, ever.

As a new traveler, Insist on a 24 hour agency emergency contact number.

Always communicate by email so there is a record of what was said or promised, exception to this is the interview with the facility because that's not possible.

Watch out for agencies that want to charge you large amounts of money for not completing your contract (sometimes thousands of dollars). I've seen some agencies try to charge travelers that fee even if the facility cancelled them.

Do research to find out a facility's reputation, there are many 'notorious' facilities out there that are known for treating travelers horribly and/or canceling contracts.

There's so much to know as a traveler and after a few assignments you'll know what to do. I'll edit this if I think of more.

Good luck in your journey,


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