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First time traveler! Any experience with Flexcare, Faststaff or Trinity?!

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First time traveler here. I've read much of this Forum and feel very overwhelmed. Mostly with taxes and pay rates and trying not to get scammed! I was submitted today through flexcare in a few locations. Anyone have an input on this company? I also have profiles with Faststaff and Trinity

Flexcare doesn't have a great reputation for good service, but I don't know enough to say don't use. Take a look at the thread today with Flexcare in the title for more info.

I wouldn't recommend Fastaff for a new traveler, better to use them after you have done several assignments. They specialize in rapid response jobs that ordinary agencies won't do. They do pay well because of that, and while regular travelers should be ready to hit the ground running, if you work for Fastaff it is much the same, but on steroids. So do some easy assignments first and see how you do.

No personal experience with Trinity either, but I can tell you they get amazing traveler reviews and I've never seen anything negative about them. The whole Christian thing freaks me out a little, but that is a personal thing and I've never heard that it affects business so I guess there are no phone prayers or proselytizing. There is something about a lawsuit between them and Millenia (another well reviewed agency) but I don't know what it was about. Bottom line is good agency.

Since that really only leaves you with one agency, I would suggest calling a few more and seeing if you like them. Agencies are dime a dozen, you don't have to do paperwork with everyone you talk to. Be selective and only go with recruiters you click with, not just a good sales pitch. Despite what my above words might imply, your relationship with your recruiters is more important that the agency brand.

I'm with Trinity and I LOVE them. I'm fairly new to traveling and I'm currently on my first assignment. I know quite a few other travelers that have used Trinity and they are very satisfied. No crazy religious stuff...I haven't heard anything about that actually.

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The original poster is already signed up with Trinity so has a recruiter.

Thanks NedRN! I have learned a lot from reading your postings! Below I listed one of the comp packages. I used pantravelers tax calc and I think it came to around $44 an hour. Does that look like i did that correct? Also if overtime is a possibility I should be negotiating for at least $66?- based off overall comp and the information you have stated many times lol trying to put it all together!

$648.00 Taxable Wages ($18.00/hr * 36 hours)

+ $1,164.03 Weekly Per Diems: subject to fulfillment of the weekly required hours.

$1,812.03 Weekly Gross Compensation

-15% Hypothetical Tax Rate (adjustable based on your W4)

$1,714.83 Weekly Estimated Net Compensation after Taxes

Averysrnmom, I've heard many good things about them! Thanks for your input, I may msg u with questions should I go that route!

You can negotiate as you wish. But clearly to go from making $44 an hour on your contracted hours to base rate plus 50% which is $27 an hour for overtime is just criminal. Even $44 for overtime would just be straight time for overtime. Extra shift bonuses are becoming common these days because of this issue, your agency might do that versus an hourly rate.

I have Flexcare and have not had an issue with them. I am currently on my second assignment in California and I get paid well and my checks are always on time. I tell me recruiter my plans for the next assignment and he listens and take that into consideration before submitting me for any jobs.

I'm also with Trinity, but have not used them to travel as of yet. They have a lot of openings in the NC/SC area and I will use them when I wish to venture out to that side of the country

I have heard good things about Emerald from other travelers, so I'm thinking of signing up with them too for my next assignment.

Emerald has a ton of California assignments and I have a number of friends who use them. One of my friends was responsible for getting Emerald to offer extra shift bonuses to all travelers (originally for himself at my urging). It might be surprising to some, but they are one of the largest agencies in the country. Mark Stagen, the owner, was responsible for starting up NATHO, the association of agencies. I think they are an OK agency and have some good recruiters. But it is a business relationship at best, and it is dangerous in my opinion to get too attached to a brand. Same goes with Flexcare.


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