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First time taking CNA exam I would like to know what would the writing exam consist?

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I was told its all about common sense I also posted a post here six times and no one ever help a person timer taking the CNA exam. On my previous post I mentioned, what do I need to study to prepare myself for the CNA exam? I'm just nervous what to study on all I know is the clinical part of the exam and the part with the writing my Prof. told me its just common sense which I'm too afraid of taking.

The final exam I took from class I received an 80 ten more to get an 100 not good in my case. Does anyone know what should I study to prepare myself for the actual CNA exam?

I took the CNA test in Michigan in 2005 so its been a while but if its a similar test then there is nothing to worry about. For example, I had one question that was something to the effect of "If you see a patient laying on the floor and you are on your way to lunch do you a) Ignore the patient because its lunch time or b) stop to help the patient". In my experience, the skills portion of the test was the most important part and when I registered for the test I received a step by step guide for preparing for the skills portion. Its important to remember the little things like knocking before entering the room. I actually failed the test the first time I took it because I was nervous and said "okay, I'm done" before lowering the bed after a bed bath. Just take your time and you'll be fine.


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I have TONS of information about CNA tests...if you tell me what state your testing in I can direct you to some resources good luck!

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It pretty much is common sense. Sometimes you will get a list of vital signs and you have to say which ones are not normal.

It is usually pretty obvious (something like 26 respirations/minute?) Other questions you might have are ones that are more communication with residents. "A confused resident is wandering around the halls holding her teddy bear and crying out for her mother. What do you, the CNA, do?" The answer choices typically are all outrageous except for one; the bad choices will be things like "Take the bear away from her and tell her to stop it."

As long as you're okay with common sense, I would worry about the skills part instead of the written part of the CNA test. Best of luck! It's not so bad; not many people fail it.

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hi i an a cna instructor want the best for my students any info would help

I have TONS of information about CNA tests...if you tell me what state your testing in I can direct you to some resources good luck!

I will be taking the CNA test in Virginia. Could you give me some information please

Thank you