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First Semester down!!


Some of you may have read my other posts from when I was applying / taking the Hesi exam. I finished the first semester of my 2+1 year program. Things went great. My grades were better than I thought they would of been (only because I did poorly back in 2002). Who would of thought if you actually show up and do the work you can get good grades. As a single father with 50/50 custody I'm doing this for my children, to better their lives and our total financial picture/ total life quality. That being said I have an ex-wife who does not support me going back to school (and I don't mean $$ wise). I wanted to go back to school for nursing for about 10 years and she didn't support "my stupid dream" when we were married either so this is not new news to me.

The point of my post is...... there is a way....and if you are doubting it.... or others are doubting you....just keep your head up and let them think whatever they want to think or say. I'm told at least 2 times a week....how terrible a person I'am and a bad father and I should stay in my dead end....paycheck to paycheck job (by ex wife). However I know in my own head.... I'm making this happen.... I'm continuing to provide for my children and still create amazing memories with them along the way. I know I'm only one semester down but I figured if I'm in this situation I can't be alone. The future is there and its coming with or without growth.... I plan on the latter!!


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