First RN Interview


I had my first interview for a RN position on a tele floor at a local hospital that is definitely my first choice of potential employers! Despite natural first interview nerves, I feel like it went well, I stayed composed despite some jitters and am pretty confident in the answers I gave. I only asked two questions since they covered most of the questions I would have asked before hand, however I asked about their performance reviews and how that works and they said that was an excellent question that they've never been asked before so I hope that's a point in my favor!

The DON said they would be making decisions today and tomorrow so I should hear soon. With that timeline I opted for a thank you email instead of a handwritten note and hope it comes off sincere, because I REALLY want this job. Not simply because it's just a job but the work environment, the unit, the nurse manager all seemed amazing and I've heard nothing but positive things from employees about working there. Plus they are very new grad friendly and have a great preceptor and mentorship program.

I'm crossing my fingers that my first interview leads to my first job but I'm also trying not to get my hopes up and see this interview as a great experience to learn and improve on.

Any managers/directors out there that want to give their two cents on what a successful candidate has done during and after an interview that landed them the job?