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First RN interview, haven't heard back after a week and a half -should I call?


How long does it usually take to receive a call after an interview?

  1. 1. How long does it usually take to receive a call after an interview?

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I had my first interview for a staff nurse position at a local hospital. I was scheduled to shadow a nurse for a few hours and then I interviewed with the nurse manager and HR. The nurse manager didn't have many questions for me (like one or two) - he just described the position, the work schedule, etc. He then asked if I had any questions and because I didn't want this to be a 5-10 minute interview, I asked enough questions to extend the interview to 20-30 minutes. My first question is: is this normal or is this a bad sign that the interview isn't going to produce a job?

My interview with HR went well, I think. The HR person said I should hear back "by this time next week". It has now been close to two weeks. My second questions is: How long does it usually take to hear back about RN positions? Should I call to follow up?

Thanks in advance!

It took a little over a week before I heard anything back. In my experience, they usually take a bit longer than they say before they get back to you. I think it would be perfectly appropriate to call them and follow up. If you got an email address from the NM or HR rep you might shoot them an email expressing your continued interest and briefly remind them why you are a good fit.

Hopefully, you are still applying to other jobs, as you should never put ll of your eggs in one basket. :)

By the way , I've learned that length of time does not always indicate a positive or negative interview.

Good luck in your Job Search!