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Hi everyone,

I'm currently in an accelerated BSN program after trying my hand in a few different jobs with my prior Econ degree. I'm very happy with the decision so far but wanted to ask some general advice on staying below the radar during school. I've already noticed some unfortunate treatment of students and don't like conflict myself, so any advice on how to get through this program without ending up a target? I've read the boards a lot so far in applying to school etc and finally wanted to introduce myself :)


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As someone who has taught undergraduate nursing students, I can tell you there are no student targets. Faculty has zero emotional stock in you staying or going. Honestly, most faculty don't have time.

Now onto your question. The two best ways to stay off the radar are to be on time, and just be cool about stuff. Please don't dispute every wrong answer you every get on a test, especially when you might already have an A on the exam. Please don't give the faculty a hard time about the minutia of being a nurse. Finally, please just focus on being the best staff nurse you can be and don't look too far out onto the horizon for jobs like CRNA or nurse midwife in a hypothetical future.

I can tell by your post that you will succeed in nursing school. Best of luck going forward with your new career :-)

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I agree with regular nurse. Staff spend a lot of time dealing with draining, high drama students. If you are polite, responsible, on time, and professional you will more than likely get through the system just fine.


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I totally agree regarding a select few draining the emotional and mental resources of the faculty. They are humans too after all. I think my main issue is I'm simultaneously going through a bit of culture shock as well, as im

from a really small town in Michigan, and am attending school near Miami where people in general have adapted to be a little

more aggressive. I do know that adaptation is key in nursing though so I will take these points to heart and just try to keep doing what im doing and learn to adapt. Thank you!


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I can tell by your post that you will succeed in nursing school. Best of luck going forward with your new career :-)

Thanks very much for the kind words, it's more encouraging than you may realize!