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Hi Everyone,

I need some help.... Hopefully someone is online tonight that can help..

I have written my first Nursing Care Plan and my instructor has asked me to revise it... She like the Nanda I chose, but not my Noc and Nic..

My Patient was admitted for Lower GI Bleed, Profound Anemia and severe dehydration at the age of 93.

I chose Deficient Fluid Volume R/T: Active Fluid Volume Loss, Secondary to NPO 2 Days, Profound Anemia, Diarrhea and Hematochezia.

I was going to chose (for the rewrite) Fluid Balance as my NOC but my instructor leads me to believe there is a better choice...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

:cry: LOST

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i answered your post in the general nursing student discussion forum, but i'm glad you posted part of your diagnostic statement here. i still can't suggest a better noc or nic choice for you because (as i mentioned in my other post) you have not listed any of your patients symptoms of the deficient fluid volume. what are your aeb items--the evidence of this fluid loss? that is what will determine which noc and nic category(ies) you can use.

  • deficient fluid volume r/t: active fluid volume loss, secondary to npo 2 days, profound anemia, diarrhea and hematochezia aeb ________________.


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I agree w/ Daytonite. We need more information regarding your patient's condition. I'm sorry I'm a little confused by your post. Are you looking for a AEB or are you looking for a NOC or a NIC? If you are looking for a NOC think about how you would know if a patient has fluid balance? Think of a quantitative value - a lab value. You want to measure their electrolytes.

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DUHHH!! Sorry, I was so stressed I did not realize I was not giving that part of the information.

AEB: Dehydration, Altered (dry) oral mucous membranes and increased tongue furrows.

I initially chose electrolye balance for my NOC but she returned it stating it did not address my chosen Nanda.

Thanks for the help:D

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