First night Back


Well I survived my first night back to Mother baby on my way back into L&D.

Going from LPN to RN and not working in this area for 12 years I felt like a fish out of water and lost.

But back I go tonight in November I start back into Labor and delievery nursing so much a head.

Lastnight I followed and tried hard to stay awake tonight I jump in and try harder to stay awake :p .

My frist night I worked along side another nurse we had 3 patients and one baby. The other three babies (one set of Twins) were in NICU. The Twins were transported to Local lvl 3 nursery the other infant was in our level 2 nursery, and finally a third that was progressing well.

I do not think I felt lost as far as my job but lost as far as their policies and procedures.

I almost crigened when I walked into a mothers room and found the baby tucked under her arm and both sleeping. I placed the baby back in the bassenett only to be informed by her nurse that she was allowed to have the baby in bed with her if it made it easier. I guess some things have changed since I did this job years ago. But we had a baby die from sleeping in a bed with a mother soon after it was sent home.

I will still do what I think is safe and the nurse was okay with my actions but it made me go hmmm.

Right now brain on auto pilot so off I go.

Talk to you all soon :)


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Welcome back, Joan. Things do change all the time, ESP in mother/baby nursing, but before you know it , you will be ON TOP of it all and feeling GOOD to be back. I hope things go well for you. Keep us informed and good luck!

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