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First med error

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Today my first ever med error

I had a patient who was on scheduled Perocert. Recently 2 days ago it got DC. I did not get that in report. I had no idea about the DC perocet.

She got DC because for other nurses she refused taking the pill. Never for me.

Anyways, there's no excuse except that I was very flustered that night I work 11 to 7 and As soon as I walk in, they let me know that I only have one CNA, 48 patients and more than half don't want male care. My cna was a man. Called DON and she basically said us units had to figure it out. It was a mad show.

In between my med pass I have my cna asking for help. Now he is ready to leave because he just worked a double.

So now someone else comes over. He leaves and they start asking me questions. I glance at the computer and blindly see perocert (maybe from memory). I pop it, talk to let them know what's going on then go in my patients room. I give her the med. when I go back to the computer I see that Percocet is no longer there and she is now on scheduled roxanol. There no prn or anything for Percocet. My heart drops. This patients has been in perocert since I started at this facility and all of sudden changed it up.

I was distracted. Or maybe I was relying on memory. Idk. I just know it was a med error. I could've just said I popped it in error and said I gave the roxanol but my conscience would've eaten me alive.

I feel horrible that I made such a stupid mistake. I feel so bad and just want to cry. I don't want to get fired. I notified the HCP and they ok with it because she was always on perocert.

I feel like a bad nurse.

I mean of course she is fine. She swallowed with no issues. I still feel like crap and keep thinking I'm going to get written up and in trouble for it. Maybe I am i don't know yet. Guess I'll wait for the call.


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Yes it was an error. All the best and brightest nurses, and doctors, have and will make errors.

It was minor, absolutely no harm done. You called the health care provider. Did you call your charge nurse and fill out an incident report.

Give yourself credit for feeling badly. Many nurses would not! They'd just say it was no big deal or not their fault.

Yes you made a mistake, hold your head high. You made one, you admitted it, you reported it.

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