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Hi everyone!

I recently was offered a job at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma as a nurse resident. I was just curious if anyone else on here has any experience with their nurse residency programs, or if anyone else is also a recent new hire?

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I will be there with you. Having to delay my orientation date because my att came so late so I am not taking it until July 17th. What department are you going to be in?


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As an OUMC employee, WELCOME! We could not make it without our new grads! :)

I was in the nurse residency program 4 years ago.


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I was hired to an ICU at OUMC straight out of nursing school in 2015. It was a great place to learn. I felt like I saw a lot of different, complex cases and had a very supportive environment. There were some good classes to expand my knowledge, but it wasn't too much where it felt endless either.

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Once I complete nursing school I am also wanting to work at OU Medical in the Cardiac/Surgical ICU, can you tell me how they do it for new Grads? I have Ssen a few adds where they have a 2 year resident program but does this mean they work with you for 2 years and then you have to give them 2 more years? Just curious how it works and what they start new grads out at.