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Hi everyone, I recently graduated from my RPN diploma program from Ontario, Canada. It's been over a month and I've sent out countless amounts of resumes and it's been nothing but rejection and waiting to hear back. It is frustrating when I see classmates from my program to get a job right away after consolidating at their placement, but it's great. I am just an average student, an average Jane, nothing to stellar to show off, yet. I know there are workshops and such to improve my resume and my skill set but I don't have the funds for it all the money in my saving is getting drained away while I wait. Sorry I haven't gotten a chance to vent about this to anyone (x.x)

TLDR: I'm struggling to find a job and I'm losing money fast.

My questions are:

- How long was it until you found a job after graduating?

- What did you do to stand out?

- What do you recommend to a newbie to the world of nursing?

- What workshops would be the best to invest time and money into?

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I'm not sure what the job market is like for diploma PNs in Canada. Did your classmates who got a job have something that sets them apart like previous experience as a tech or other employment in a healthcare setting? Many first jobs are gotten through connections- a nurse tech comes an RN, a student does clinical on a unit and makes a good impression, a family member or friend puts in a good word, etc. Is there anyone in your social or professional network you can reach out to?

Well one of them did get a job at the place she was consolidating I'm not sure about the other. They must have had PSW experience possibly but I'm unsure. I am a first generation post secondary child. No one in my family is in the healthcare system. I'm still trying as much as I can. My friends don't have jobs yet either. The nurses I was consolidating with haven't been much help either.

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