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I have had my RN license for about 4 years and have not been proactive about finding a new job; I have yet to be employed as an RN. I very much liked my previous career in veterinary medicine of 20 years and at the same time was/am very reluctant to start over in something for which I have little practical experience. This has been a source of great anxiety for me.

I am mentally and physically ready now for an RN job but in truth don't know where to start. I am fortunate to live in an area where just about every place that employs an RN is understaffed and most are willing to train new nurses. I have interests in hospice, rehabilitation, orthopedics, and imaging to name a few. I also love pharmacology and anything requiring technical skill.

I don't particularly like the idea of working in a position with huge turnover of intakes and discharges such as the ED. I went to school in a large city and dislike nursing in he urban environment. This was overwhelming for me and probably contributes to my anxiety in a hospital environment. I would like to work where relationships form with the patients and a little rapport is built, such as in a rehab or assisted living. I realize I do not have the luxury to pick and choose in my situation. I am also very skilled at phlebotomy, infusion, IV's and very handy the lab, including using a microscope.

I'm sorry for the long post. I wish it was a little more concise. Anyways, are there any recommendations as to a first job for me, taking into account my strengths and preferences as well as my current situation of a gap between liscensure and employment?

I think where you'd ultimately like to end up should be the biggest influence on where you attemp to start.

If you don't have any big, long term goal(s), then just start applying in the areas of interest that you've named.

Even in a good market, waiting four years to seek employment in the field may cause some difficulty. You won't know until you get out there and try, though. So get moving and don't wait another four years.

This seems like sound advice. However I don't ultimately don't know where I want to be in 4 years time. I've had my feet wet in many different areas but have not had the opportunity to immerse myself in any one specialty. The diverse and numerous paths are one of the things that turned me on to the field, but it almost makes it harder.

I'm more concerned with now than 4 or 5 years from now. If I'm not happy or it doesn't work out, then I should have stayed in my old profession. I suppose the most important thing is to get some inertia going with some applications out there and see what happens.

I have been hired by a long term/short term rehab and hospice facility, privately owned. This is provided the background checks and references check out, which there will be no issues. Very nice place and does not resemble a state institution and is really intended to give patients the comforts of home. I was very impressed that most of the staff love it so much they have been there 30 years. I am smarter than your average bear and can tell you all about the progression of liver disease and diabetes, etc., my concern and problem has always been the application of this knowledge in a real world situation. I was wondering if someone can recommend any literature that will help prepare me for this. I have of course 6 feet of text and notes, but that is not of course concise enough or practical. There is of course an orientation and training and I will be shadowing other nursing staff, but I would like to in my mind be a bit more prepared. I am no stranger to hard work, but being more knowledgeable in this gerontological environment would make me feel a whole lot more confident. Something along the lines of "Nursing for Dummies."

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