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Hey Guys

I have my first job interview for a graduate nurse internship this Wednesday at the Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. I was wondering if you guys have any pointers such as what types of questions they ask, etc. Anything helps.

I'm so nervous! I don't want to look like an idiot. :o

Thanks in advance



4 Posts exciting! I am sorry I don't have much advice for you. I will be graduating in May and have my 1st interview on March 20th. I am nervous as well. I have been told they ask things like "what are your strengths/ weaknesses? How would your working here positively affect the overall unit? If you have a conflict with a co-worker how would you handle it?" And I think they also give you examples of situations you would encounter with your patients and ask what you would do in the situation, or what would you do 1st (prioritizing care) etc.... Hope this helps some. If you know anyone that works at the same hospital ask what their interview was like. Good luck!

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A few questions that are always thrown at me are...

What skills can you bring to our hospital?

Why did you choose our hospital?

What things do you expect from this hospital?

Good luck to all!


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hey there, i just read your post and thought that i'd reply to it. i just had my first interview today for a nursing position. i will be receiving my senior practicum final evaluation this week sooooooooo hopefully i will be gn status in about 2 weeks. :)

well some of the questions they asked about were along the lines of this:

1. clinical questions .... pt with x disease was just diagnosed what is the most important thing to do for them .. or what will they most likely need

2. tons of conflict resolution questions....... how would you deal with a person that is very difficult

3. why did you chose this unit ..... what is it that you want out of attaining this position

4. what are your 2-5 year goals .. what do you want to achieve

5. moral and ethical questions a nurse makes an medical error what would you do

maybe these wont help you but they are what i was asked. i wish you all the best. i was going to apply for a internship at utmb and memorial herman however i cant because i wont have a us visa that quickly :(

Wow--I had an interview and wasn't given any scenerios at all. I was asked about stength and weaknesses, what my career aspirations were, a challenge I faced with a patient and how I handled it and why I would like to work on the unit. Good luck! I didn't know what to expect so I really wasn't prepared.

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