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First job anxiety.. Help getting started out

by EJhummingbird EJhummingbird (New) New

I could read numerous posts but I think it would be more help to get direct advice. I graduated, got my license, got married, moved, started my first nursing job then moved again all within the span of less than two months. Needless to say I am quite exhausted.

The advice I need is how to proceed with my job. It is on the night shift which completely throws my schedule off. I get so scared going to work because I had 6 weeks orientation without a consistent preceptor and have now been on my own (though the other nurses are usually helpful). I feel like I don't know what I am doing and have extra fear because we are short staffed and have to take 5 to 6 patients. That number may not sound like much but they are generally high acuity and range from having chest pain to stroke to gi bleeds, etc.

I am scared I can't handle this and I try to soak up advice and keep improving but I feel lost.. Please help me with some great advice :notworthy:

First--you need to regulate your body to night shifts. To do that-eat and sleep on your days off as if you are working. your body will get used to this, but only if you work to get it used to it. On nights off, stay up as late as you can-never go to bed earlier than 3 or 4 am. if you eat lunch at work at 0100, do that on your days off. If you sleep until 1500 after working, try to sleep until 1500 on days off. It will take a little time, but you WILL get used to it. I've been at it a month and my body is just now learning it's schedule. You will feel better if you do this!

For the new nurse anxiety--you are so totally normal! We all feel it. Remember your facility trains new nurses all the time. They know when it is safe to let new grads be on their own, and they wouldn't put you in a position where you are going to hurt patients. Use the other nurses to ask questions...they really won't mind!

I worked with a classmate at my facility to put together a support group of about 5 new grads. We meet and call each other to vent. You will feel so much better with a support group-it helps to know you are not alone!