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First Interview Help

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Hello Everyone!

I just recently passed my RN boards and now after applying for at least 70 positions I landed my first interview! It is on a multi-specialty med surg floor. From what the recruiter told me the patient population consists of ortho, urology, and neuro.

Since this is my first interview I'm very nervous and have no idea what to expect. I will be interviewing with the clinical manager for the unit. What can I expect? What kinds of questions is she likely to ask? How should I prepare? What are good questions to ask her?

I want to go in there prepared and stand out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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Congrats on the interview!! On my interviews, i was asked similar questions

1. What are your 3 best traits?( or describe yourself in 3 words)

2. What are your 3 worst traits?

3. How would you deal with confrontation from co-workers?

4. How would you deal with a stressful situation with patients family members or a doctor?

I also heard that a lot of interviewers take notice of how fast your walk to judge how quick you will be on your feet..so my suggestion is to wear flats.

Do your research before hand about the hospital so you know how to gear your question...ask nurse to patient ratio, turnover rate, how long your orientation would be...I would keep the salary questions untill your second interview. Good luck with everything! Keep me posted!

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Congrats on your interview. Managers look for nurses that think positively, are enthusiactic about work, that don't complain (much), and get along well with co-workers. They want to know that you can do the job. There maybe times that you need help with something. In the interview say that there may be somethings that you are unsure of, if you are, and that you would ask for help if needed.

Managers look for strong workers physically, mentally, and pyschologically. They want to know that they are not turning an incompetent unfit, out-of-shape nurse loose on the floor that is going to get tired and gripy and be difficult to work with. Also, they may ask what you would do if you are caught up on your work but your co-worker is behind. They want to know that you would help them.

Pray for guidance, wisdom, direction, Approach the interview knowing that the grace of God is with you and is guiding.

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