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I have been an RN for 4 years. Three of those yrs I worked PRN in LTC/rehab while focusing on my family. I had very scattered training and was just thrown in. I did gain some valuable experience but I am feeling a bit rusty with some of my nursing knowledge and skills. I accepted a FT med surg position and start next month. I have no clue how a hospital runs. I am concerned that I will appear stupid and get eaten alive! I tend to be by the book and know that it is not always realistic in practice due to time and other reasons. I am also super nervous about blood draws/starting IVs because I have no experience at all except for a plastic arm. Does anyone have any tips on how to prepare for this position? I want to review and brush up but am feeling overwhelmed and I do not know where to begin. I am excited and know I will learn a ton. I just want to walk in feeling confident and prepared. Thank you!

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Congrats on your new position! It is good to get a drug guide/IV compatibility book. Knowing how to push zofran, pain medication, famotidine, protonix, etc is good to know. Knowing how fast to push certain drugs and indications is important. Brush up on blood transfusions and other blood product transfusions. Look up the policies of the hospital, every hospital has different policies. The time management will be a little different, it brings you back to nursing school when they ask you who you'll see first. I'm sure you'll get a good orientation and do just fine. Ask a bunch of questions and don't get discouraged if you feel like you're not competent. It's new and you will begin to feel comfortable as time goes on. Good luck!


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Thank you MassNurse24! I totally forgot about IV push meds. I will review all of that and prepare the best I can. I appreciate your advice.