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First fundamentals test done

All NCLEX type questions.........I dunno how similar all fundamentals classes are but everything is questioned as if you are writing a care plan, what I mean is if you are covering a chapter on the immobile client, on the test be prepared to know what positions he should be in, what the physiological changes will be, the devices you will use to position this person, and so on.

Seems obvious but pay attention to the details, like I had read about atelactasis ? being a possibility during immobility, but thats it. On the test they wanted to know what sound you would hear upon ausculation of a client with this.

Questions on the way you would instruct someone who was going home with crutches to descend the stairs. etc

Everyone school/tests are way different Im sure. But they seemed to be into the details more than I thought.

Good luck everyone


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The first test is more general, as you go along in the class. The questions will become trickier and more in depth.

That is pretty much how my first test was too.

zahryia, LPN

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Yup mine too. I got a B, so I'm happy. Now I know how to study for the exams.

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