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Originally posted by vampyreg:

Well I passed boards and am now on orientation as an RN. I feel so overwhelmed. I feel I have no confidence,and I am scared to death of making a mistake. Most of the nurses are helpful and understanding but there are a few who obviously forgot what it was like to be new. There are a few that are making this a difficult transition (was an stna)I take way to much to heart. I'm afraid that I don't have the assertiveness that it takes. I guess I'm just looking to hear if anyone has had similar feelings and if it is normal to be this scared. I guess I just feel like I should know more.

/Well good luck on your new career I hope it is a long and happy one. I have been a nurse for 19 years and can remember my 1st day as if it was just yesterday, Cut my hand opening an ampule to give my 1st shot after graduating and had to spend 2hrs in ER getting sutures in my hand I felt so dumb, but I know well it can't get much worse, I was lucky to be paired with a nurse that was and LPN then she became and RN. so her guidance was from both sides of the nurse

coin and I just wish she was still living I would have her talk to you. The greatest item



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Don't give up! We've all been there, and believe it or not it does get easier. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I've been in nursing for 13 years now and I still ask questions everyday! Good Luck.


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Dear friend

My first 6 months were overwhelming and I had little support...I started on a surgical floor where the head nurse was awful and give me a real rough time. I remember coming home crying and feeling so inadequate! I was not assertive and was trying so hard. I took everything at heart and SERIOUSLY thought of quitting nursing. However, I was too stubborn and transferred to another floor. The head nurse there guided me and supported me and I flourished. 20 years later, I work independently as a home care nurse and long term care assessor in a small rural area. I feel confident and love my job! I am so glad that I persisted as I am doing what I love the most, caring for my patients. I must admit that this old head nurse and my first year still brings back terrifying memories but I know now that it was part of my growth as a nurse and part of the learning curve.We are all NEW when we start and fear is part of the process. Take it one day at a time, experience will follow and therefore your confidence! Don't ever feel inadequate when asking questions or for help...that is what makes a good, competent nurse. Hang in there! I am sure glad that I stuck it out . Also remember that nurses are humans too which means that some will be helpful and some won't.

Good luck to you! Nightstar


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