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first day of clinicals...any advice?

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On Monday I will have my very first clinical. We have already been to the facility to tour it and get familiar and we alos got our resident assignments for Monday and I am extremely (sp) nervous...to the point where it keeps me up at night. Can any of you give me an idea of what to expect.

Our shift is from 2:00-10:30 so I know we will be helping with dinner and HS care, but my resident is pretty independent, so what will I do the rest of the time?

Do they give us directions as to what to do at what times (like she needs to be at activity at this time, etc)?

And any other advice from those of you who have already been through your clinicals.



pagandeva2000, LPN

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I suggest that when you get there, to ask the clinical instructor what you can do to pass the time. Some may ask you to assist other patients in feeding, to lift and change them, or maybe ask if you would be able to observe other things. Usually, they have some sort of scavenger hunt to familiarize yourselves to where supplies are located. Most times, unfortunately, you may find that there really isn't much to do. Even in nursing school, there was not much to do after we finished with patient care, so we spent time looking through our patient's chart and placing together disease processes, medications and such. For you, maybe find some things that you can do with the patient, if allowed.

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