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First CNA job

kmstudent kmstudent (New) New

This is my first post... so where to begin?

Okay, so i received my CNA certification almost 2 years ago and, as embarrassing as it is, I have yet to work in the field. I'm a pre nursing student in Atlanta and I want some CNA experience. Between school and my current job (which is not related to the medical field) I'm not readily available to work the normal hours a CNA usually works. If i don't find a CNA job soon, I'll lose my certification.

So to sum things up.. I want a CNA job working the least amount of hours/days possible, I have no experience, I don't care how much the job pays.

How do i find this ideal CNA job? Is it possible? Where do I begin? ...agencies? PRN?

WannaBNursey, ADN, ASN, RN

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Try a home health agency. You set your own schedule for the most part, and if you don't care about pay or hours, you're still technically employed even though you're not working (since you're usually PRN in home health, there can be weeks where there might be no work). I got my first job in Home Health and it was fairly easy to break into, but I live in a big retirement area, it might be different where you live.

You don't always have to get a completely separate job to get hours for your certification. I talked to my instructor about this before my clinicals were over with because I was also worried about this. Some nursing homes or even hospitals will elt you do some volunteer work or even community service that will qualify for your certification deadline to extend. The best advice is to talk to your instructor if he/she is still available or talk to the state department or your local LTC or hospitcal. I'm sure they can give you some answers!