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I just wanted to say thank you to all of the registered RN'S out there who take on the baby nurses (like myself). I know yall have SO much to do and the fact that yall are kind enough to drag a student along is awesome. Just know that we are super nervous and we are new to everything. And teach us all that you know! I cant speak for the rest of the baby nurses but..I am so eager to learn and do things. Just thought I would share!

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Hi babynurse101, I understand and appreciate the sentiment that you're trying to express, as a student, to the RNs that get saddled with students (and to those that willingly take students), but there is no need to infantalize us as "baby nurses." Please feel free to call yourself a "baby nurse" if you like, but also please know that there are other student nurses out there that don't consider ourselves "babies." Best wishes to you in your nursing education and career path.


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It's all in good fun. I don't mean to offend anyone and if I have I apologize. But in the future maybe you should just ignore my posts if you cant find innocence in my terms. But I am not going to change who I am or my innocent terms based on one persons opinion. Like I said, sorry, but just ignore it if it bothers you.