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First Choice Training Institute


I've searched the forums and I haven't seen much about First Choice Training Institute in Salem NH. I was wondering if you or anyone you know has gone through this LPN program? If so what did you think? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!:)

pagandeva2000, LPN

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Amy, email me at redhotpc@aol.com.

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My apologies and I understand. That said, there are a few people who would be willing to give others the 411 on this school because we Made A Big Mistake. But public ranting is probably not the best manner in which to communicate. Like my Momma said, "If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything." :devil:

Thank you MadeABigMistake for your reply! I will email you and get some more info. I felt like the school seemed kind of shady, but It would nice for it to be affirmed.

Run, run, run! The NH Board of Nursing finally shut their LPN program down. Their CNA classes in Mass were shut down in 2007 and then they moved to NH and opened an LPN Program. Now they have run off with students tuition money. The owner is a whack job. We're praying he ends up in jail along with his sidekick wife.

So stay away from FCTI or they will take your $18k if you are willing to part with it, and you will never see a classroom.

There are already 3 classes worried about their destiny and not sleeping at night while these scam artists are living high on the hog.

Beware, they maybe be moving south to scam more vulnerable populations such as Haitians in Florida. :twocents:


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I live in NH and I have heard baaaad things about that school.

Have you checked out St. Joe's LPN program yet?

"Magalie Icart Ferdinand" and "Jean Robert Ferdinand" AKA "Maggie Ferdinand" and "Bob Ferdinand" took off and left dozens of students high and dry when the doors shut at First Choice Training Institute in Salem, NH. They skipped town on their mini manse in Windham, NH that subsequently went into foreclosure. They are now living in Florida (possibly Del Ray) and several students are still looking to get their refunds and transcripts. These two are up to their games again by hiding under family member's names. The MA Board of Nursing lists Maggie as Magalie Ferdinand and the Florida Board of Nursing allowed her to get a license under the name Magalie Icart Ferdinand. She does not deserve to have any license let alone a LPN. She and her darling husband belong in prison. Someone needs to alert the authorities in FL about these two before they rip off another few classes of immigrants just reaching for The American Dream.