First Chem Exam...bummed about grade!


We recently had our first exam in Chem 121 (Inorganic Chem) and I did not do as well as I thought I would. I felt like I studied a lot and did all the homework problems...but the test was really long and I felt rushed in the end. I didn't read some of the questions thoroughly, and my instructor takes points off for EVERYTHING! I know it was just the first one and now I know what to expect, I just feel a little discouraged. I want to get an A in the class and a C on the first test isn't going to help much. I did slightly better than the class average, and our worst test score only will count for 10% of our grade, whereas the other 3 will count for 50%. How do I make sure I get an A the next time? We have our next exam in another week or so, and I am going to make sure to study a bit every day til then...I just feel like sometimes even when I am really prepared, I still don't do as well as I would like to. Any suggestions?

P.S. On a higher note...I did well on my first few lab quizzes in AP and we find out our scores for our first AP lecture exam sometime this week. :)

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