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First band 6 interview. HELP!

by hannarrrr hannarrrr (New) New

Hi all.

I have a band 6 interview for a children's community nurse coming up. I currently work as a band 5 in PICU. This is my first band 6 interview and I've gone completely brain dead. I really want this job so I don't want to mess it up. Any advice would be GREAT!


Hi, thanks so much for that link, that's a great help!

I am struggling with recent policies relating to children's community nursing as my background is CICU, I could rabbit on about the heart until the cows come home, but I think they may want something a bit more general and related to community nursing haha. I've found the DoH - 'NHS at home' from March 2011 which I can discuss and a couple of things from the RCN. Not forgetting Every Child Matters of course but does anybody know of any other up to date stuff that would prove beneficial to mention at interview?