First Bachelor Gpa or 2nd Bachelor Gpa?


I want to ask which one is counted in CRNA school?I am a medical graduate from another country.I passed with GPA of 3.1 and worked as doctor for 4 years.Now I am in USA and want to proceed towards CRNA.I have got into an accelerated BSN school .I want to ask which school GPA will be counted in the end??Assuming I get like 3.7 or 3.8 in Nursing,Will I be strong candidate if I do other things like CCRN,good GRE scores and offcourse good ICU experience??Moreover that previous GPA is a Medicine degree GPA .Will I be credited for having a medicine degree (Equivalent to MD) over 3.8 GPA of any other arts bachelor degree?Guys please help me out there as I am very tense these day due to this GPA factor.


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Due to your previous degree GPA,I think you should forget CRNA .


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I would take some of these blanket statements like the one above with a grain of salt.

You graduated medical school with a B average. Seems good to me.

I have nearly the same GPA from a previous undergrad degree and two 3.9's or so from my ADN and BSN - with all A's in hard sciences including Organic and Biochem. Over 220 college credits for an overall GPA of 3.5 something.

I'm only applying to one school - one in VA that happens to be pretty well regarded. Admissions staff has already told me they will be looking much closer at my nursing degrees than my 15 year old one in another field.

I wouldn't sweat that old GPA nor would I believe everything I read on an anonymous online forum.


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Well thanks for detailed reply.Should I repeat my science classes from medical school to move from B to A's?In reality, I am scared of cumulative GPA. So I want to up my GPA during prerequisites of Accelerated BSN.


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Well thanks for detailed reply.Should I repeat my science classes from medical school to move from B to A's?In reality, I am scared of cumulative GPA. So I want to up my GPA during prerequisites of Accelerated BSN.

No.. apply as is with your grades how they stand. If for some reason they aren't good enough, then retake them. No point in potentially unnecessarily retaking classes.

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Programs will mainly look at your science, nursing GPA. I would worry to much about your medical school grads. Truthfully it will probably increase your chance of getting in since I doubt many people interviewing against you will have a previous medical degree on there CV. In my experience applicants are really to worried about there GPA, the GPA really only helps you get that interview. What gets you into school is how you present yourself during the interview, what I did was made sure I had all the right experience and credentials needed to separate me from the rest of the pack. You will be suprised at how many people you will meet when interviewing who have only step down experience or do not even possess any certs (CCRN, TCNN, ATLS.....). So long story short, you will be a great candidate on paper and will get plenty of interviews, after that it's all up to you.

PS. Don't even acknowledge the first guys post


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I had a similar situation deciding if CRNA would even be an option for me. I had a 3.6 Biology degree. Went to 1 year med school and was having health problems that made it difficult during first year. Finished 1st year with 2.6 in med school. I then ended up going on medical leave and not returning to med school. Went back and found a accelerated Nursing degree program that let me skip any prereq's and 11 months later had a BS in Nursing 3.9 GPA.

The med school thing is something you need to address in interviews or in your application letters. Schools will want to know why you didnt want to practice medicine here. I was very worried that school would see me dropping out of grad school and with poor gpa as a big red flag so I applied to way too many schools..... and then I realized I spent way too much money and time applying to all the schools because every one of them sent me interviews.

I got wait listed at my first choice school and into second choice.... and turned down spots and interviews at several others. So long story short... just do well in your nursing degree and you shouldn't have any problem