First assignment almost done!


I'm just super excited to have only 2 weeks left on my first assignment! It was super fun (& scary!). I've been strictly endoscopy x the last 17 yrs. & was told that this assignment was in the endo lab. Well.... for the last 10 weeks I've been about 25% endo (not counting when on call) and the rest all pre/post for general outpatient surgery. For the first time since '99 I've been recovery ortho pts, TURP's, injections, bxs, hernias, appendectomies, GB' name it. I've been giving meds & using equipment we didn't even have back in the day! Not a big deal to all you PACU nurses but it was weird for someone that's only been working from the mouth to the butt forever!

Anyway, I read a lot on FB travels sites about nurses quitting their contracts b/c they were placed in areas they didn't usually work & they didn't want to "lose their licenses". I was pretty nervous & felt like a new grad but I just wanted to share my experience for encouragement to other new travelers. I think if you are eager to learn & do your best the staff will work with you & you will learn some new skills!

(Just my opinion! Obviously if I was placed in L&D or the OR or something like that I would have run screaming from the facility!!)

Now.....where to go next?? :)


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Great attitude! Try PACU where they have more complex surgeries next?


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Maybe! I did go over there & help quite a bit. I was more of a glorified gopher....filled ice packs, chin lifts, transporting, etc. But a little exposure. Lots going on that I would love to learn!

Oh...and I did learn to make sure to deflate the art line pressure bag BEFORE pulling out the old tubing. Everyone still loved me even after I sprayed them all with LR. [emoji15]