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First A&P I Test Grades


How did everyone taking A&P I do on their first test/s?

I got an 86%. I was REALLY disappointed, I thought I nailed it with an 92 at LEAST. A lot of my class got in the 70s, so I'm towards the top, but still not what I wanted. My teacher assured me that with the extra credit we got earlier this semester I have an A average in the class, still really annoying to miss an A on the test but only a few points! My first lab exam if Wed and I'm determined to nail it!:up:It's all the bones and bone parts, tissues, Mitosis slides, and cell parts. I'm pretty sure I'll do well, I've been studying pretty hard. Hope everyone is doing well!!!

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I got a B on the first exam, but it didn't upset me. I was actually happy because there's really no expectations when it comes to the first test. What mattered was getting a A as my final grade, which I did.

Good to know you got a B on the first exam and came out with an A, gives me hope! Thanks!