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Fingerprinting for NCLEX-RN application

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I am currently living here in Las Vegas but I am applying for NCLEX-RN exam for the state of New Mexico. I already have fingerprint cards that were sent by the BON of New Mexico however I have no idea where I can get myself fingerprinted. Does anyone know where I can get myself fingerprinted for NCLEX-RN here in Las Vegas, Nevada?

I currently live in Nevada but the state that I am applying for NCLEX RN exam is New Mexico. While I was filling up the RN EXAMINATION APPLICATION form, I came across at Section 7: DECLARATION OF PRIMARY STATE OF RESIDENCE and that somehow left me puzzled as to what will I put in the application where the part that says "primary state of residence". Should I put Nevada or New Mexico or Philippines? What about in the part that says "Upon licensure in New Mexico, I intend to practice in the state(s) of _____________"? Should I put Nevada or New Mexico? (Just to give you guys a background, I moved here in NV last year and already a legal resident). If ever I'll put Nevada as my primary state of residence, will this affect when I transfer residence to another non-compact state (i.e. endorsement)?

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You have to reside in that state to declare residency. If you are living in Nevada you have no home address in New Mexico. check out this thread....https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/overview-nursing-compact-763693-page2.html

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Thank you, Esme12! :-) I'm quite new in this site so I had no idea which topic where I should put my query. I really appreciate the help you've extended, thanks so much again! :-)