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A student to have had a single OVI on their record from 3 years ago and still get into the program and be able to be placed at a Clinical Site. I have had 2 schools say that they would not accept me because of the fact that they wouldn't be able to place me at a Clinical Site with a 3 year old single OVI infraction on my record.

Has anyone had this problem or hear of anyone who has? Does anyone know of any schools/programs that were forgiving of such an infraction.... OR know how long I would have to wait before this infraction would be over looked?

Please respond with any advice/information that you have!


I have a ten year old infraction for driving w/o a license... I’m currently applying to nursing schools and have the same question/concern...I’m fearful I won’t get in anywhere due to this.

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Having a DUI is a pretty big obstacle to overcome, I assume OVI is the same as a DUI where you are? Perhaps contact your BON to see if you would be able to be licensed. No sense in going through a whole nursing program, not to mention the expense, if you cannot be licensed. If you can be licensed, that might be a leg to stand on with nursing schools. Good luck to you!

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