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Hi, I graduate from nursing school this December, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how they found their "nursing niche". I'm currently unsure what area of nursing I would like to pursue. I like cardiac science, so I am interested in working on a cardio/pulmonary unit, but I am keeping an open mind. I'm precepting with a unit support team nurse, so I am getting a variety of exposure. How did you discover your nursing niche and how long did it take to find it? Any suggestions on where to work as a new graduate?

Thank you!


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Trial and error (the error part, not literally) lol .

I thought for sure I wanted to be in pediatrics, then when I got into 1:1 care for a home health peds case, I realized it was much more difficult then I anticipated and had to seperate myself from it. It was what i was most passionate about. I was skilled enough. But emotionally, it was a bit much. For me.

Then after getting a job offer at a local AL/memory care facility, I did an orientation and trial run on the floor with the head nurse. I realized that this is where I want to be. This is my 4th year in nursing. And im sure your an RN to be from the mention of cardio unit. Im an lpn and still have future plans to go for my BSN or even NP. So to be honest im probably at least a decade away from finding my true niche lol.

Basically like I mentioned in the beginning it's just about getting out there and giving it your all in whatever position you find yourself in. Your interested in CP, that's great!! And just remember, If you find it is not your thing, don't waste time being miserable in a job. It'll cause burnout in no time and you dont want that!

Good luck!! :up:


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Thank you for the suggestion of not burning myself out doing something that is "not my thing". I hadn't thought of that, but it will be important for me to keep in mind and continually evaluate where I am working.