Finding an lpn nursing position with a past record in PA.

U.S.A. Pennsylvania


I would like some input from the community r/t nursing positions. I made two stupid choices in my life twelve years ago and now have a record. I completed all my required counseling, made complete restitutio and paid all fines. After that, I completed my course for the LPN program and the state issued me a license in 2004. Initial license was on probationarey status for one year because of my record. I have had an unrestricted license since 2005. I had a job as a charge nurse for several years. that ended in 2010. They made accusations against me. I was cleared by Dept of State, Area Agency on Aging and took a polygraph at my own request and results showed "No deception indicated". I have looked and applied all over for a nursing job. I don't lie or missrepresent any information on y applications. I am attending school to get my RN degree. I need someone to give me a chance to prove myself. I will start at the very bottom if I have to. I would like to hear any suggestions that anyone has t help me in my job search. Also, am I wasting my time and money going for my RN if no one will hire me. My lst employer new about my recored and still hired me. HELP!

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Southeastern PA has an extrely competative tight job market. LPN position's outside Long Term Care and assisted living are even fewer. Have you had your resume professionally written? Our Career center may have info to help you.

Best wishes moving forward.

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