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Hi, I graduated from an RN-BSN program outside the US and worked for 2 years in my country before quitting in 2017. I moved to Boston and I want to work as a nurse again. My documents are complete concerning the foreign degree and I'm studying for the NCLEX. I'm concerned that I won't be able to find a job since I've been out of practice since 2017. Any advise? Will refresher courses help? Will anything help besides passing the NCLEX?

Thank you

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Boston area is a very tough market to obtain a hospital position, especially since not practicing past 4 years.  

Allnurses NCLEX forum and online live events  will help you pass exam.  Once you have a license, you will then be eligible to take a nursing refresher course which will make you more marketable.  Look for positions outside of the hospital in order to gain experience in working in the US.

AN's Career section has much advice regarding interviewing and resume building.   After working as an RN in US for a year, then can look for inpatient hospital position. along with Allnurses job board may help in landing a position as positions in Massachusetts frequently seen.

Best wishes in passing NCLEX and obtaining US nursing license.