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Finding a job in Michigan


Maybe this blog can help me .... :)

I just passed Nclex rn in Michigan state this sept 2016.:D And now I want to work there but I don't know how to start.

I trt to apply online but most of them need local hire and i am here in Bahrain working as Dental Nurse.

Any advice would be appreciate.. :)

SJL_PH has 8 years experience.

Hi Georgina! I've read about your post about passing the NCLEX RN in Michigan. I'm a PH RN planning to take one next year. I would like to ask if you need to submit an English proficiency exam result together with your CGFNs requirements? 

Silverdragon102 specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

Member hasn’t visited this site in 4 years. Have you checked the state website as things can change over time 

SJL_PH has 8 years experience.

I've checked on Michigan's Bureau of Professional Licensing and it says that English Proficiency Test Reports will only be needed if our course wasn't taught in English or if we used non-English books. However, I've read on another site that states like Michigan are requiring us to submit and pass the desired IELTS/TOEFL score for the CGFNS CES. I've already emailed an agency asking about this though. Still waiting for the reply. Thank you for responding! Be safe!


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