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Hey everyone,

I'm a recent grad, waiting on taking my NCLEX. In the mean time I've been sending my resume out. I want to apply at this Episcopalian hospital and am curious if I should change my resume to add the four years of Sunday School Teaching I did at the Episcopal church I attend. I don't have it on my resume anyways because I never thought it was relevant regarding my experience, now I'm wondering if it would indicate where my moral compass lands, and that I understand/share ideals with the institution?

Thank you for all your help!

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Not necessary. I have been (happily) employed by faith-based organizations for most of my career. These organizations are more about spirituality than religion. Your moral compass & acceptance of other's spirituality matters more than where you plant your feet on Sundays.

Even if they have organized religious events (daily prayers, services, etc.) these are not mandatory. There is a very high regard for the religious duties & observances associated with all faiths.

During the interview & employment process, they are not allowed to ask you anything about your own religious beliefs. It is not necessary to volunteer anything because it won't get you any advantage. Just like every other employer, you will be asked if you can fulfill the normal work schedule & job duties. This is where you would need to acknowledge any religious restrictions (JW's administering blood, Catholics unable to participate in OB procedures, inability to work on Sat or Sun - etc.) that would cause problems. I work in a Catholic healthcare organization, and know of several co-workers whose Supervisors make sure that religious observances (non-christian) are accomodated. It's all good.

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