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Finding that first job

Hey everybody, just passed my CNA state exam last weekend, and now begins the search for the elusive first job. I am making a career change into nursing, so i already am in a decent position now, just not where i want to be. The nursing school i am looking at attending only has the core classes offered during normal daytime hours, so i would need to find an overnight position (11-7) to be able to work and attend school full time (not working is not an option due to financial obligations). So anyway my question is this....What is the best way to find that first job? I have been responding to ad's online, etc...but your resume just seems to fly into this huge hospital or health system database and gets lots amongst the masses. Should i just take a day off work and drive around to local hospitals handing out my resume? Should i call and ask for a nursing recruiter? Any advice on finding that first position in this new career field would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Have you only applied at hospitals? Depending on the area you live in, landing a job in a hospital as a newbie CNA without experience and no additional certifications is almost impossible. So if you're having trouble getting a response from hospitals I would suggest applying at LTC's. Most of us who go through CNA training dream of being immediately able to land a job in a hospital, but again, depending on the area you live in, that is not always an immediate possibility.

No, sorry i am applying everywhere (I should have entered my first post better). Hospitals would be better, but I am open to anything as long as it is overnight hours. I definitely am aware it is near impossible to land a hospital CNA or PCA job with little experience. I am more just looking for advice on the best ways to go about applying, and ensuring i get full time overnight. Thanks!


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Have you thought of applying where you did your clinicals during CNA class? I did that and they hired me within a week of passing my exam. They liked the thought that I applied because I already knew how they did things, and they knew I received adequate training.

I would love if that was an option for me, unfortunately the facility wher ei did my clinicals was terrible, underfunded, always out of supplies, and the staff was cruel, lazy, and not focused at all on patient care. I actually had to file an incident report while i was there, because there was a male resident with an infected catheter entry (very badly infected) and the CNA said to just ignore it and it would go away!!! There is just too much neglect and laziness at that facility for me to want to be a part of that team, but it was a good suggestion. Thanks!


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Oh my that would be a terrible place to work. I believe if you try Medicare.gov you can do a radius search of the LTC's in your area. and you can pick and choose which ones to apply to by how they are rated.

Great Idea! Thank you, i will do that today!

Wow, got 85 nursing centers with 25 miles. Great resource!

It's been suggested to me by other CNA's that if you apply at LTC's it might improve your odds if you apply in person.


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