how to find hospitals that will sponsor foreign nurses in northern kentucky


Hello ,I am an irish RN living in u.s since jan and and have recently passed nclex and registered with state board but now i need a visa .I have fourteen years experience and specialise in or and endoscopy .I am desperately trying to find a way to work here but its not working out .could anyone please offer me advise as to how to find out what hospitals would offer sponsorship to nurses in the cincinnati area or florence ky area .I would appreciate any help you can offer me .

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The issue is retrogression and the 6 plus years wait you have for a immigrant visa once you have found a employer and they file for a EB3 immigrant visa (usual visa for nurses). H1b is an option if you have a specialised skill and a minimum of BSN.

Only real thing you can do is contact hospitals in the area you plan on living