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I have recently been accepted to Nurse Anesthesia School. I have heard about groups who sponsor/stipend students in return for work once they become a CRNA. Does anyone know of such a group in East Tennessee? Also, does anyone know anything about SRNA scholarships? I would greatly appreciate any information or web addresses anyone could provide.



Congratulations on your acceptance to school. Would you mind answering a few questions? What was the interview process like? What was your GPA, years of experience,and how long did it take you to get in to school? What kind of suggestions would you give now that you are in school as far as being accepted? Thanks for any insight and good luck with school.

As far as stipends go, I have seen people get positive responses by posting on under the CRNA jobs board.

good luck.

As for the other posters question.

I am not accepted yet, but I am confident. I have applied to seven schools and have heard from two of them within a month of applying.

I can tell you where I stand and what experience has gotten me to the interview stage. My first interview is next tuesday with Georgetown, followed two weeks later by Providence RI.

Here is a brief overview of my experience.

Four years of ICU, (one year CCU, and three years Trauma SICU with burns)

One year of above as permanent charge in a level one trauma center surgical intensive care

I am an ACLS instructor, have TNCC and PALS, Published a paper, and I have my CCRN.

GRE 1860

Hope that helps. I know one other person, with about the same experience, and they are in school now.


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