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financial troubles


hi guys

my name is aisha and i am a pre-nursing student currently, i am having currently some financial aid troubles and turns out that i might be ending up taking loans for this semester. but i don't want to any loans i really want to know if you guys have advice that what kind of jobs can i do? considering that the jobs dont require a certificate or diploma :/ thanks any advice wouldbe helpful.

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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I would suggest checking into various financial aid grants and scholarships. Those often don't have to be repaid whereas loans do. Now as to jobs that don't require certifications, look at craigslist, local newspaper classified ads, and even your college job boards on campus. With a little luck, you may find a student-friendly job that pays you enough to keep from having to take out loans.

Good luck!


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Well, you could do a local CNA course at your community technical center. CNA's make around $10-$12/hr depending on region where you work. Depending on the course, it's several weeks, and it will also help you gain healthcare experience and many nursing programs give you extra credit towards acceptance into their program based on HC experience. You can actually study yourself with just the book and challenge the state board exam if you so wish. There are all sorts of scholarships and what not for these courses. I would always encourage students to only take out loans if they have no other foreseeable choice; to be honest, you may really need the loan(s) in nursing school (in the actual program, not the prerequisites), as your working hours will likely have to be cut short.

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Many LTC or Hospitals will pay to train you as a nursing assistant. Sometimes local charity organizations will pay for you to get certified. Goodwill helped someone I know to pay for training. I would hold off on the loans unless you have no other choice. Student loans are no joke and are an expensive way to pay for school.