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I've read so much about hospitals paying tuition, grants, loans, etc. Would you please tell me what was involved in getting these funds? My concern is that dh's incomce will preclude financial aid.

Also, is there a central website that lists hospitals and their incentives? Many thanks -- thrilled to have found this board!


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I'm aware of a couple of hospitals offering loan forgiveness packages or even total tuition reimbursement for nursing students. The catch: You have to work at their hospital. Not a bad catch if you like the hospital offering such packages. Usually total house hold income is NOT a consideration for such deals if you work for that particular hospital.

If you want more info, just call up your local hospital and speak to human resources. Ask if they offer some kind of tuition payback package. Also, go to to get web-site information for any interested hospital. Some hospitals may list information regarding tuition reimbursement on their web sites.

Good luck! :)


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