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Financial Aid for Previous BS


I'm from CA, have a BS degree in another field, will start an ADN program in August and plan to bridge to an MSN after graduating. I'll be able to pay my way through the ADN program but was wondering how would financial aid work for my situation for when I get into the MSN program? I was reading something about if you have 120+ units you'll only get approved for private loans - is that true? I know I'm thinking ahead, but I would like to have some knowledge about it so at least I can plan it out while I still can. How does financial aid work for those with a BS degree in another field and decide to go back to school for nursing?

forgot to add... I didn't have any financial aid when I was working on my BS degree. wondering if this play a factor into it later on at all?

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Graduate degrees have different guidelines. You would have reduced or no eligibility for financial aid for the ASN or a 2nd bachelors due to having attempted and or earned >120 credits