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Since the board's chock-full of recent immigrants from the pre-nursing board, obsessing over things like their first tests and the number of textbooks they have to read, I was wondering how many people around these parts are actually finishing up and graduating at the end of this term?

Also, since a Fall graduation's kinda odd, why are you graduating this term?

As for me, I'm in a two-year master's entry program and my cohort started in January, so my time's almost up. I've got my community health clinical, my capstone internship clinical, and my thesis to finish writing-up and defend, and then I'm done.

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I'm graduating in May (BSN), about to take the GRE and will be applying to graduate schools this winter. Very exciting to be on the home stretch!

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I am! I'll have my Masters in December! I started a Direct Entry program in Jan 09. Since we were a spring start, we finish the fall semester of our second year. Though we wont walk til the following May when the rest of the university graduates.

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oh and I am not doing a thesis....I am working on a quality improvement project instead. My whole fall semester is dedicated solely to that.

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I'm also done in December, although not with my Master's :sniff: I was supposed to graduate in August, but a small setback forced a repeat of this term :rolleyes: I'm just soooo extremely ready for it to be over.

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