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I am finally in my last semester of the nursing program. I am enjoying it much more than the others. I think a big part of it is due to the greater amount of respect I receive from the instructors. It seemed like the first semester instructors treated us as if we were children, & of course the "hazing" mentality (a.k.a. "weeding-out" process). Our focus is on clinical, so I don't have to go to theory, and the paperwork is much lighter than in past semesters.

Does anyone else have any comments on how they are faring as they get further away from 1st semester of nursing school? Is it better? Worse?

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I also think it's better. I don't know if I have less paperwork, I think I just got used to all the paperwork. This semester we also have to write three long term papers so that takes up quite a bit of my time. We also have quizzes every week on the material we will be covering in theory each week. But I do still enjoy my classes.


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I'm not sure really I've just started my second year and i feel like there is alot more expectation on us, than there was last year.

last year we were treated more like children and had our hand held to do everything. this year we are given more responsibility, which is good but i personally lack confidence in my own ability and am finding this hard at times


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i feel like my last semester is a little bit easier too. which is good, considering all the other stuff we have to worry about (nclex, graduating, finding a job, etc)! last semester seemed a little bit better too. i did great my first semester (all b's), nearly failed med surg 1 my second semester and maintained good grades my third semester. this semester i've not had any test grades below an 84. i even made my first a on a test! i usually make b or c's and cosidering i'm not a great test taker this was a major milestone for me! now why couldn't i have pulled it off last semseter? one thing i told a friend who's in the same program as me but two semesters behind is that by your third semester it seems that you're brain is finally learning to process all the info that's being crammed into your head. i really do think that nursing students have their brains unkowingly rewired during school. walk in love, walk in service and you will walk in honor

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you dont have to go to theory in your last semester?? if only i was that lucky! I am in my 3rd semester and in our last semester we still have to go to theory 6 hours a week. we do get to spend less time going to lab, as we've learned most of the skills already.

again, so far, it seems not easier, but more like i've gotten used to it. i've gotten used to the paperwork, which is not any less than 1st semester. i know better how to study, which is good, b/c the material is sooo much harder. i've gotten used to the clinicals, they don't really bother me much. i used to be so nervous, and now i'm not. of course, now i know how to do everything for hte patient (almost) so its not as hard clinical wise.

and now that im in third semester i am finally starting to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. its still 6 months away, but its there!


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