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Final Semester Freak OUT!!

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So classes start this week, and I have serious butterflies. No, make that giant Luna moths trying to beat their way out. I am wayyyy more nervous than I have been any other semester, and I've been looking forward to the class material this semster the most!

Maybe it's the looming dark presence of the HESI, the paperwork, the *gah* group projects, the questions I didn't review this summer in preparation for the NCLEX/HESI (in my defense I took summer classes toward a BSN), the thought of getting a job (dear God in heaven I'll take anything), more stupid EVOLVE case studies, did I mention the HESI?, one last dosage and calc test, actually being an RN *gulp* and people expecting me to KNOW how to do things, the sheer volume of material left to cover, the hardest tests (according to departing seniors), and the HESI.

Someone tell me I'm not alone. I have been studying for a week already, and feel like I'm behind before I've even started. Not usually a panicker, but I am feeling the pressure tonight.

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